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Working with pine or poplar and using self-taught carving methods, Tom Douglass designed and created a variety of one-of-a-kind painted wood accessories. Construction, carving, painting, and finishing were all done by hand. From beginning to end Tom strove to create works of quality and enduring value – precision designs and meticulous antique like finishes were hallmarks of his craftsmanship. His work included a variety of shelves of all types, spoon racks for any number of spoons, knife trays, birdhouses, pipe boxes, and candle boxes.


“When things you have been interested in all of your life come together, it is amazing what happens. Working with wood has always been a pleasure, along with learning about, collecting and selling antiques. Geometric design and astronomy fascinate me. Around 1989, my brother tried to find an antique pipe box. Unable to find one, he asked if I would make one. This was my first commission. Fifteen years later, I am still designing and building one-of-a-kind pipe boxes as well as other functional and decorative, carved and painted wood accessories,” he said.

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“My carving methods are self-taught. I have no degree in art, just a love of things well made. While I do not make copies of old spoon boards, shelves, candle boxes or knife trays, they are what inspires me. Like the individuals who made the originals, I want each to be unique. Meant to compliment antique collections, they are at home in any setting, even the White House. Collected across the United States, featured at shows and in publications, I hope what I am making today will be tomorrow’s heirlooms.”



“I hope what I am making today will be tomorrow’s heirlooms”  Tom Douglass

September 4, 1940 – December 8, 2010



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