Cornbread uses a large range of mediums such as painting, jewelry, sculptures and ceramics. He uses natural colours and his brush strokes are deliberately loose. His work takes an approach towards nature, more specifically Australia’s birds and its flora. He captures the charm and the spirit of both the flora, different species of birds and other animals such as rabbits and foxes.


Buck in Autumn


Cock a Doodle doo

Cornbread_RacoonAtNight_t Cornbread_RainbowTrout

His loose, yet energetic strokes as well as his bold art create his artistic approach towards the Australian fauna and flora. Cornbread had an outstanding ability to be able to capture birds evolving and dealing with the changes of their local habitat. John’s work tends to evoke childhood experiences as well as his early memories of life and through to the present day. He has emerged into the folk art industry rapidly and become quite a popular folk artist, with his work being added into various private and collaborative collections.

Cornbread_RedHeadedWoodpeckerChestnut_t Cornbread_RobinInDafodillsInSpring_t

“I like to make paintings that show the puzzle of existence.

Something that when people look at it they say, yes I have felt that.

– John CORNBREAD Anderson


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