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Rebecca paints in oil and a wax medium of her own creation using a palette-knife technique to evoke flurries of movement in her figures. She uses simple, direct compositions that place her subject front and center on the canvas, and favors cool hues with the occasional shock of red or yellow. She says she’s most attracted to capturing people and animals amid “small moments of joy and triumph.”

Kinkead’s work currently focuses on subjects that might have been lifted from the pages of a children’s book, or inspired by a lullaby. She blends hazy color with depictions of spontaneous movement: a hare bounding across a snowy meadow; a dog shaking water from its coat; Holsteins flicking their tails while resting on a flowering field; and dozens of children riding bicycles or diving into the water.


*Elephant #3




Skier in Pink


This is an extract of an interview made by  Xian Chiang-Waren on

barn owl in flight_50x46

 ” These paintings are based on memories, both personal and borrowed.

They are an attempt to explore a collective human experience.

 Details and features remain ambiguous, inviting the viewer to seek something of themselves in the work.

 The figure (human and animal) has provided a generous vehicle for color, form and surface to evolve.

Paint and wax are layered, dripped and scraped to create a sense that the subject is still emerging…

 still ‘becoming’ “. -Rebecca Kinkead

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