Keelan is a sculptress and the Associate Director of the School of Sculpture at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California where she also teaches ceramics.

Keelan’s figurative sculptures confront issues of mortality, decay, beauty, aging and innocence.  The faces are based on nineteenth century dolls, yet their contemporary styling and decayed surfaces disconnect them from time and place.  What was once clean and crisp has given way to something more complex and textured

” For the past few years my sculptures have been glazed, stained, fired, then glazed, stained and fired again to give the surfaces the look of disintegrating paint over weathered wood. This softening and reduction of form so that its essential nature is revealed is a metaphor I am using for life being lived, my exploration of the process of growing up and growing older ” – Margaret Keelan.


“Little Dancer in White”


“Little Dancer in Blue Dress”


“Dancer in Yellow and Red”

The work is evocative, create a sense of nostalgia aor perhaps darker childhood memories. Many of Margaret’s pieces have a strong spiritual component. the feelings you have by looking at the sculptures vary from person to person. That can be positive, negative or both.

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