Born and raised in New York City, artist ELLIE ALI’s paintings were first inspired by the jazz and literary worlds of the nineteen fifties and sixties, and then by her traveling and painting in North Africa, Europe and India. She has exhibited widely and is a prolific and serious painter.

EllieAliTwoTravelers_t EllieAllieNudeWithEarrings
Her medium is an unusual use of acrylics, chinese ink, wax and oil paints on paper. Paper has always been her co-conspirator; always surprising in its versatility. Ellie Ali is a self taught artist.


EllieAllieTinyGuy EllieAliJourneyingWoman_t

The human figure is a constant in ALI’s work. They speak to her. She listens.
ELLIE ALI’s paintings are collected internationally.

EllieAliTwoFigures_t EllieAliFootprints_t

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