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The story of Raymond: a picker, a person, an Artist..

“A picker 18 years they always said, I had a creative eye for what I bought to sell. I never understood what they were saying and would just shrug it off as if they were just talking. Had wanted to learn to weld for 25 years but life got in the way always took another road. A couple of weeks before my 50th birthday I said to my self now is the time, now or never.


About the Picker

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I went down to a local hardware store bought a welder, that’s when the journey began, into my soul. This is somewhat spiritual for me a piece of me is in every item made. Based out of Texas, self-taught welder and mixed media metal artist who works with recycled, re[purposed, upcycled salvage and reclaimed wood. The materials used to create a one of a kind functional art piece.


Mainly guided by intuition, each unique piece created tells a story of time, place, and about his own life experiences, materials used in each piece provides it with qualities such as strength, grace, balance, and endurance


” Recycled scrap metal art is my specialty, driven by instinct in these matters I don’t see the finished product, what I see is the hidden beauty that awaits when then magic begins” R.G.

These pieces just appear on my work bench having no idea of what the end result will be, just start putting pieces together and how it turns out is the way it is!! Pieces have been featured in newspapers, blogs, radio talk shows, art shows. bench was purchased by a nationwide reality show, featured by GMC on all their social sites.

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Recycled Salvage Design is the new face in recycled catch us if you can, primary sales thus far on the east and west coast. They can copy my work but will never copy my mind, I am but a baby learning to walk with each piece I create I become more creative who knows where this journey will end”.

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